Software Build Engineer I


The FBU Software Build Engineer I is responsible for managing and implementing all phases of build, release and environment management for a distributed team developing engineering software. Duties also include developing and maintaining infrastructure tools, custom scripts and integrating Open Source tools for developers and testers.


•Design, develop and maintain build tools for creation, deployment and monitoring of product builds.
•Automate build processes and integrate with Continuous Integration systems like TeamCity or TFS.
•Develop and maintain infrastructure tools for development and testing teams.
•Maintain high quality production and development builds of ANSYS FBU software products on Windows and Linux systems
•Improve performance and reliability of product builds
•Deploy, maintain and support current software development and testing tools/environments (e.g., Visual Studio, Compilers, IDEs, MPI etc.)
•Investigate and address build and runtime failures; fix compilation and linker errors
•Assist developers in resolving build issues
•Maintain and update third-party dependencies as needed
•Assemble, create, and test distribution media for official and special version releases
•Execute acceptance tests to ensure product stability and conformance to company quality standards
•Troubleshoot and resolve issues in development, testing and production environments
•Work in a collaborative manner with members of the software development, infrastructure and testing teams
•Interface with IT team to specify, deploy, maintain and update build systems
•Performs other job-related duties that may be assigned by management from time to time.


•Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field
•Must have very strong scripting skills (Python, Linux shell scripting, Windows batch scripting and Perl)
•Strong background in Linux and Windows operating systems
•Experience with maintenance and development of Makefiles and CMake or SCons is must.
•Experience with YAML, JSON and GO programming language is desirable.
•Visual Studio, Intel and GCC compilers knowledge preferred.
•Experience with C/C++ and Fortran programming is desirable.
•Experience with a continuous integration system like TFS or TeamCity is desirable.
•Experience with dependency management tools like Conan or NuGet is desirable.
•Experience with a configuration management software like GIT is desirable.
•Experience implementing open source tools is desirable.
•Solid troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
•Ability to plan and complete high-quality work on a schedule.
Strong communications and interpersonal skills.


Culture and values are incredibly important to ANSYS. They inform us of who we are, of how we act. Values aren't posters hanging on a wall or about trite or glib slogans. They aren't about rules and regulations. They can't just be handed down the organization. They are shared beliefs – guideposts that we all follow when we're facing a challenge or a decision. Our values tell us how we live our lives; how we approach our jobs. Our values are crucial for fostering a culture of winning for our company:

• Customer focus
• Results and Accountability
• Innovation
• Transparency and Integrity
• Mastery
• Inclusiveness
• Sense of urgency
• Collaboration and Teamwork

ANSYS does not accept unsolicited referrals for vacancies, and any unsolicited referral will become the property of ANSYS. Upon hire, no fee will be owed to the agency, person or entity.