Senior Software Developer

The meshing development unit (MDU) is seeking a software development engineer for surface mesh generation algorithm development. The successful candidate will be part of a team respon-sible for research and development of state of the art triangular and quadrilateral mesh genera-tion algorithms. Initially, primary focus will be on enhancing unstructured quad dominant surface mesh generation methods. Topics of interest are special mesh patterns tied to geometric fea-tures like holes, beads and fillets. Other areas of interest are variable and anisotropic sizing, higher order elements, weld modelling, geometric capture, all quadrilateral, etc. Currently the de-velopment of unstructured quadrilateral mesh generation is driven by the mechanical business unit (MBU), but increasingly the needs of the fluids business unit (FBU) will have to be satisfied.

  • Developing unstructured triangular and quadrilateral surface meshing algorithm.
  • Optimizing surface meshes with respect to mesh quality and sizing requirements.
  • Developing special purpose algorithms for beads, welds and other surface features re-quiring special handling.
  • Maintaining existing unstructured surface meshing code.
  • Writing readable, self-verifying, and testable code.

  • Master's degree in engineering or computer science, with minimum 3 years of experi-ence from developing commercial mesh generation software.
  • Knowledge and interest in mesh generation or computational geometry.
  • Analytical, curious with a passion for learning, and patient with an attention to detail.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.

  • Ph.D. in mesh generation or related field, or with experience from developing commercial mesh generation software.
  • Self-motivated, with ability of finding opportunities for innovation.
  • Experience working both on Windows and Linux.
  • Good understanding of C/C++, and software design.
  • Experience of OpenMP, MPI or GPU computing.
  • Helpful and able to work efficiently within cross-functional project teams.

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