Materials Data Analyst

Granta Design is looking for a candidate with a materials science, a natural science or an engineering discipline background to join our Data Products Team, to help us develop our materials data solutions for the various industries that we support, which include amongst others, aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and consumer electronics. Having experience of using engineering simulation software in practical applications would be beneficial. This is a chance to join ANSYS Granta at an exciting time to help develop and shape a new generation of data products.
By developing these data products, you will help commercial organizations and academic institutions:
• Perform accurate multiphysics simulations on their products to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety.
• Make informed material choices during the product design to optimize performance, minimise cost or minimise the environmental impact.
• Develop teaching material to help teach the next generation of engineers, scientists and designers.

• Development of our Materials Data for Simulation product: Advancing the material models available to engineers within Ansys engineering simulation software, such as Ansys Mechanical.
• Development of the MaterialUniverse data product: MaterialUniverse is a key data product for Granta containing a wealth of materials property data for all material classes. You will work with the team on its continuous development, ensuring that it provides up to date information and can be used for materials selection by our customers.
• Development of our simulation data products: Advancing the materials information available to engineers within Ansys engineering simulation software, such as Ansys Mechanical.
• Maintenance and release of our core reference data products: Working closely with the entire team to maintain key data products containing materials data, particularly those for academic users, and creating final product releases for our different software platforms.
• Working on varied data projects: In addition to the projects stated above you may be involved in projects with customers, our data partners, or other collaborators and in training sessions with users of the software as required.
• Project work will vary, but typically involves independent research and data manipulation and analysis. Being able to quickly analyse information and concisely report back findings in verbal or written documentation are key skills for this role.

• A good understanding of engineering materials and processes, across a wide variety of material classes.
• A degree (BSc, MSc or PhD) in material science, an engineering discipline or a closely related subject and an ongoing enthusiasm for the subject.
• Practical experience of solving engineering problems via simulation, using any simulation software and in areas such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, electromagnetics and biomechanics.
• Good attention to detail and a methodical nature, but with a pragmatic approach to solutions.
• Good computer skills: advanced Excel and ideally some form of automation scripting experience, e.g. VBA or Python (or a keenness to learn).
• A passion for working with data, backed up with some form of experience with data analysis, visualisation, and preferably a knowledge of relational databases.
• Enthusiasm to work as a team player and due to the varied nature of the work, you should be adaptable and be willing to learn new skills.

Culture and values are incredibly important to ANSYS. They inform us of who we are, of how we act. Values aren't posters hanging on a wall or about trite or glib slogans. They aren't about rules and regulations. They can't just be handed down the organization. They are shared beliefs – guideposts that we all follow when we're facing a challenge or a decision. Our values tell us how we live our lives; how we approach our jobs. Our values are crucial for fostering a culture of winning for our company:
• Customer focus
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