Combustion CFD Developer

The Combustion CFD Developer (“Developer”) is responsible for advancing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations software, with emphasis on turbulent reacting flow for simulating combustors and combustion engines, while also contributing to other reacting-flow application areas as need arises. The Developer is focused on advancing the state of the art for combustion simulation, through use of detailed chemical kinetics and turbulent-combustion models. The role plans and programs new simulation capabilities, expanded physical models, extended applications and improved performance.

•Derive the governing equations and contributing terms for complex turbulent reacting-flow systems and sub-models
•Derive and apply solution algorithms for model equations
•Determine the best numerical and computational methods for different models and model formulations, and implement commercially supportable code
•Use parallel-programming practices for MPI implementation
•Track the latest advances in research, applying a thorough knowledge of the field of CFD, reacting flow, and related computational science
•Interact day-to-day with a dynamic team of engineers, programmers, and scientists, in a fast-paced development environment
•Provide support and instruction to internal and external customers for application of new models and methods
•Maintain existing software features and derive appropriate tests for new features

•Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical, aerospace, or chemical engineering with 5 years of experience or master’s degree in mechanical, aerospace, or chemical engineering
•Experience in numerical analysis with multi-dimensional reacting flow, with demonstrated expertise in the associated numerical methods
•Experience in software development for CFD simulations, particularly in modeling combustion systems
•Demonstrated experience programming in C or C++
•Experience with the use of one or more commercial and/or non-commercial CFD tools for reacting-flow simulations
•Application experience with ANSYS Fluent
•Strong analytical skills, excellent communication skills, and outstanding academic achievement

•Ph.D. in Mechanical, Aerospace, or Chemical Engineering is preferred
•Experience with applying chemistry in simulations with detailed kinetics
•Demonstrated experience in software development for CFD simulations, particularly in modeling combustion systems
•Demonstrated professional experience programming in a commercial software development environment in C or C++
•Expertise with the use of one or more commercial and/or non-commercial CFD tools for reacting-flow simulations
•Demonstrated achievement in the following:
Oral and written communications
Team projects
Multi-tasking under strict deadlines
•Familiarity with MPI programming methods and/or multi-processor chip-architecture considerations in code optimization
•Familiarity with code-profiling tools
•Experience supporting and maintaining software used by customers with varying levels of expertise
•Desire to work in a fast-paced, dynamic and collaborative environment

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